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Dmobo launches Limited Edition "Mickey Magic Leather" Mobile Phone Using EXO Technology


April 14, 2006

Dmobo launches Limited Edition 'Mickey Magic Leather' Mobile Phone Using EXO Technology

Dmobo launches Limited Edition 'Mickey Magic Leather' Mobile Phone Using EXO Technology

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April 15, 2006 Dmobo, a licensing partner for Disney recently launched the M900, a premium mobile phone featuring a host of Mickey Mouse features, including a leather enclosure with embossed Mickey Mouse motifs that helps give the phone its premium appearance. Enabling the inclusion of the luxurious and soft feeling of "Mickey Magic Leather" on the M900 was made possible through a technology known as the EXO Overmolding System from Inclosia Solutions. EXO is a patented mass manufacturing process which enables designer fabrics, leathers, real woods, and real metals to be combined with plastics in an injection molding operation. The process has already been used extensivelt by Dutch innovators Tulip (makers of the E-Go) in diversifying the ubiquitous gray and silver laptop computer into an elegant object mass-produced in leather and fabric finishes.

The Mickey Mouse-inspired Dmobo M900 cell phone was produced by Korean based NewGen Telecom Co., the M900 supplier for Dmobo and Walt Disney Internet Group's (WDIG) wireless handset manufacturers and suppliers in Asia. "Every element of this cell phone projects our desire to provide fun, engaging and easy-to-use thematic mobile experiences," said Tony Pang, Managing Director for Dmobo. "That includes our decision to use Mickey Mouse patterned leather enclosure, which delivers a luxurious look & feel that will please Disney fans of all ages."

A special limited addition Dmobo M900 cell phone (photo) was first launched in Hong Kong and is also now available Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand. They are tri-band GSM phones featuring a 1.3 mega-pixel camera and a 260K color screen, with EXO™ leather enclosures available in three colors (flashy white, shadowy silver and pearly white). Each phone comes complete with a charm strap in the shape of Mickey Mouse's famous white glove.

"The Dmobo M900, with Mickey Mouse logos on real leather, is a wonderful demonstration of how Inclosia's EXO™ Overmolding System technology is enabling OEMs to differentiate their products with luxury materials," said Tony Frencham, global business director for Inclosia Solutions. "EXO enables the Disney phone to look and importantly feel great."

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