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The world’s cheapest MP3 player


April 14, 2006

The world’s cheapest MP3 player

The world’s cheapest MP3 player

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April 15, 2006 If you’re in any doubt about how ubiquitous the MP3 player will become, think about this. Japanese company Evergreen has released the DN-2000 onto the Japanese market. The DN-2000 has no internal memory and no display, but takes SD cards up to 1GB and like most MP3 players, doesn’t need a display because the standard interface of buttons is entirely adequate. We’re not going to put the price in the heading or first paragraph so you can decide for yourself just how cheap it might be possible to sell such an MP3 player for … with earphones, after design, manufacture and marketing.

A week ago we wrote about the world’s most expensive MP3 player, which seemed somehow incongruous given that most MP3 players are based on flash memory and we all know how quickly memory is getting cheaper. But even then, the news that Evergreen had hit the Japanese market with unit priced at 999 yen (about US$8.50) tickled our fancy.

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