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Experimental IP-connected bus route in Paris


April 5, 2006

Experimental IP-connected bus route in Paris

Experimental IP-connected bus route in Paris

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April 6, 2006 French Public Transportation provider RATP is currently conducting an experimental "Internet Protocol (IP) in Motion" project on the bus line No. 38 in Paris. The technology provides realtime connectivity for 'Dilidam,' a key information initiative for travellers on the RATP transport network, including real time transit and localised passenger information, as well as news or entertainment clips. The on board video surveillance system and other professional applications now have permanent IP connectivity, improving RATP’s customers' security, safety and travel information.

IP Connectivity is now available "on the move" due to an open ecosystem including wireless service providers of any type as well as private wireless networks and a clearing house business function which aggregates data flows and reconciles billing information.

Cisco's Mobile 3200 Series Wireless & Mobile router and Cisco IOS IP mobility solutions connect the vehicles to the RATP back end servers. IP mobility provides an automatic connection and seamless roaming using the different wireless technologies, Wi-Fi and EDGE, and networks. With this innovative approach, RATP and Cisco are demonstrating that IP Mobility technologies can seamlessly extend the enterprise premises to "on the move" LANs.

A panel of industry experts at Networkers 2005 awarded RATP the Mobility and Wireless award for its innovative implementation of Wireless and Mobility last December in Cannes.

"IP mobility extends the reach of enterprise intranets to professional vehicle fleets. IP connectivity across wireless technologies and networks allows key customers applications to continuously run even 'on the move'," commented Michel Langlois, Senior Vice President, Internet Technologies Division, at Cisco Systems.

"Development of open ecosystems, including hardware system integrators, wireless and mobile service providers, as well as Mobile IP aggregation and clearing house mechanisms will accelerate the expansion of the Internet to the transportation systems."

The Cisco 3200 Series is a compact, rugged wireless router that is designed to provide industry-leading security in data, voice and video communications, with seamless mobility and interoperability. Underpinned by standards-based Cisco IOS Mobile IP, the Cisco 3200 Series extends the edge of the IP network, helping deliver new connection capabilities and enable new applications in markets such as defence, public safety and commercial transportation.

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