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Polaris brings independent rear suspension to the Quad market


March 31, 2006

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April 1, 2006 The Polaris Outlaw hit the showroom floor recently with an innovation unmatched by any current Quad bike. The Outlaw is the only sport ATV on the market with independent rear suspension and the importance of keeping driving wheels in contact with the ground makes this a significant competitive advantage. The Outlaw’s PRO IRS gives greater control and higher speed capability over rough terrain by smoothing out ruts and bumps and the anti-sway bar provides the handling of a straight axle in the corners. With 29.2cm of ground clearance, the Outlaw offers more than anything else in the segment with more than twice the clearance of some straight axle quads.

The 5-speed Outlaw is powered by a liquid-cooled, high-performance Polaris 500 engine. It’s a high-revving, four-stroke, four valve powerplant with a double overhead cam. Outlaw breathes in through a 42mm BSR carburetor and breathes out through tuned 2-into-1 header pipes. All this, combined with its leading power-to-weight ratio and superior acceleration, makes for a super-responsive quad that can go from 0 to “eat my dust” in no time flat.

PRO IRS keeps the rear wheels stable and in contact with the ground in all conditions to allow more traction and less sliding, allowing you to stay on the throttle through turns and over rough terrain.

The added ground clearance of PRO IRS helps avoid trail obstacles that bash the straight axle and sprocket of old-school sports quads. While other riders have to ease up on the throttle when they hit the rough stuff, on the Outlaw you can push it.

The centre-mounted exhaust is another industry-first innovation from Polaris, centering the mass for better weight distribution. The new Pro Steering delivers virtually zero bump steer with a much lighter-weight design, while the large diameter and stiff steering post provides vastly increased strength. And adding to this impressive package is a front suspension design that absorbs impact and increases control, delivering an improved ride through all types of conditions and obstacles.

Capping off this unique high-performance quad, Outlaw also comes complete with electric start, industry-first single-link forged upper control arms, Dunlop Radial tyres, Douglas aluminum rims, Fox Shocks with 25.4cm of travel, front dual hydraulic disc brakes and forged aluminum lower control arms.

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