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February 26, 2006

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February 27, 2006 If you’re looking for something a bit different in home theatre audio, you’ll certainly find it in the Mirage UNI-Theatre 3-in-1 Home Theatre audio solution. The UNI-Theatre is a self-contained left, right and centre speaker in one ingeniously designed aluminium enclosure intended to blend in with today’s prolific LCD, Plasma and slim-line CTVs. The UNI-Theatre has three independent acoustically isolated chambers, which allow true uncoloured performance. Its 2-way, 3-channel magnetically shielded design will ‘sit’ conveniently under or alongside any wall mounted display such as a Plasma or LCD TV, or alternatively, a glass base enables it to be placed on top or in front of displays or CTVs.

Designed to partner amplifiers from 10-100 watts per channel, the UNI-Theatre is recommended for use with Mirage’s OMNI series subwoofers and can also be used with any of Mirage’s other Home Theatre system speakers such as NANOSAT, OMNISAT and OMNICAN speakers.

Measuring 93cm wide and 13cm high, the UNI-Theatre houses an active 3-inch woofer and two passive 3-inch Polypropylene Titanium Hybrid radiators and a _ inch Pure Titanium Tweeter. Each tweeter is mounted in Mirage’s Omniguide module that allows it to disperse the sound in an Omnipolar dispersion pattern. The left and right front speakers are slightly angled to reflect the sound to the sidewalls, thereby enhancing the overall spaciousness of the sound.

As the ideal solution for difficult room environments, it can also be placed on top of a television that is positioned in a corner. It can also be mounted flush to the wall above or below a television. Similarly, when used with a second UNI-Theatre mounted to the rear and an Omni Subwoofer, you have the ultimate 6.1 Home Theatre surround sound speaker system.

UNI-Theatre has the ability to create a larger and more realistic sound stage, which extends well beyond the confines of its 36-inch wide cabinet. It features quality spring-loaded, gold multi-way binding posts for connection to CTVs, receivers and amplifiers.

The Mirage UNI-Theatre is covered by a five-year warranty, sells for US$999 and is available in brushed silver aluminium or black aluminium. For further information on Mirage’s UNI-Theatre visit one of the company’s distributors.

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