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Ruggedising cases for convergent (and other) technology


February 22, 2006

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February 23, 2006 So you’ve got your new HP iPaq 6500 and it’s just the cutest, most innovative piece of convergent technology you’ve ever set eyes on - a phone, PDA, camera and GPS all-in-one and there’s just one problem – you’re either a klutz or you work in a hostile environment and the iPaq’s realistic life expectancy should be measured in days rather than years. Now there’s a casing that can keep your iPaq 6500 alive – indeed, Otterbox specialises in making ruggedised casings for a range of high-tech items, including models designed to look after the full range of Apple iPods, most laptops and handhelds and a selection of speciality items such as Fujitsu’s Stylus Tablet, a Zippo lighter, a handheld GPS and a CigarCaddy to keep between 2 and 15 cigars safe. While most OtterBox products are general purpose, the US$130 OtterBox 1910 is purpose built for the HP 6500 and provides access to all major functions on the 6500 including sync/charge, SD Slot, headset jack, and keypad. A clear window on the back allows use of the 6500's camera and flash through the case, taking crisp photos even in the rain! The 6500's keypad also remains operable with direct push activation through the 1910 and an external stylus holder adds convenience.

"The OtterBox 1910 is a low-cost alternative to protecting this valuable iPaq technology," said Curt Richardson, CEO of Otter Products, LLC. "The case is perfect for anyone wanting to safeguard their device as well as those working in industries such as warehousing, trucking and freight, military, medical, and delivery."

The OtterBox 1910 is made through an injection molding process and comprised of a glass-reinforced, polycarbonate shell with a thermoplastic rubber overmolding for added drop-protection. The case meets IP67 and MIL SPEC 810F for dust, water, and drop protection.

A patented, user-replaceable membrane protects the HP iPaq 6500 screen and an innovative WL Gore membrane vent enables sound transmission, while blocking water and other elements from entering the case.

"With multiple technologies -- a phone, PDA, keypad and GPS -- integrated in the HP 6500, protection is vital," said Brian Thomas, Director of Sales and Marketing. "The OtterBox 1910 adds longevity to the 6500, while still allowing user interaction, so you can talk on your phone, add an item to your calendar or take pictures virtually anywhere."

Hewlett Packard recently released an unlocked version of the 6500, the hw6510b and the hw6515b, both compatible in the OtterBox. HP customers now have the option of using alternate service providers in the unlocked versions or Cingular(R), automatically installed in the standard 6510 and 6515 models.

Otter offers a 100% money back guarantee.

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