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February 21, 2006

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February 22, 2006 UK-Based Maplin Electronics has launched an inventive new range of clothing which has its own in-built central heating system. Believed to be the first of its kind to launch in the UK, Maplin Electronics’ new range includes a body warmer (priced at UKP40) and gloves (UKP20). Both have been designed with new fabric technology that effectively sees heating wire cleverly woven seamlessly into the garments. The battery operated body warmer and water resistant gloves are designed to heat up to a cosy 40 degrees in just five minutes, banishing the cold quickly. Designed with adventurous in mind, the zipper on the body warmer also doubles as a compass device to ensure that you’ll never get lost or cold when you’re out trekking, snowboarding or climbing this season. The jacket and gloves run on standard 6AA batteries and there is no temperature control.

Both the body warmer and gloves are perfect for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors, but not the freezing temperatures, as Hayley Armitage product manager at Maplin Electronics explains: “Wearing the body warmer and gloves is like having your own personal central heating system, which is pure genius and means you’re in control of your temperature, no matter where you are. With a flick of a switch you can change from being uncomfortably cold to snug and warm in minutes. I think they’re a great new invention, and I’m delighted we’re the first to launch them to the British public. At Maplin Electronics we pride ourselves in being first to launch new, inventive technologies that people will love, so I’m looking forward to seeing customers’ reactions.”

The new range will be welcomed by anyone who wants to keep the cold at bay this winter; whilst taking part in winter sports, working outdoors – or just enduring the seasonally plummeting temperatures. “I think that the products will have broad appeal,’ says Hayley. “I can imagine everyone from students whose houses have poor heating systems, to builders working on site keeping warm with the new clothing.” And as well as being extremely practical for cold blooded adventurers, the body warmer is also stylish, available in black with yellow detail.

And if yellow and black doesn’t co-ordinate with your outfit, the body warmer can optionally be worn underneath other layers.

The centrally heated body warmer (product code L42BQ) and gloves (product code L52BQ) are available exclusively from Maplin Electronics at over 100 stores across the UK or online.

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