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200 mph Carbon Fiber Electric Supercar to cost US$125,000


April 22, 2006

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April 23, 2006 Electric cars have until now been relatively tame machines compared to their petroleum-engined supercar brethren from Bugatti, Koenigsegg and McLaren. The Venturi Fetish was the world’s fastest and most exclusive electric car until this week, being assembled to order by hand in Monaco but it has a top speed of just 180 km/h – hardly the sort of performance you’d sell the kids for, and indeed, that may be necessary given that it comes with a price tag starting at 450,000 Euro (US$583,000). The stakes have now been raised raised considerably though as Hybrid Technologies has joined with Los Angeles-based exotic sports car manufacturer Mullen motors to create a new benchmark for electric car performance. Mullen’s distinctive GT with its combination of style, handling and performance was recently named by Forbes magazine as the 7th fastest American production car, an honour shared with Saleen and Dodge Viper. The remarkable news is that with its transplanted 700 horsepower electric motor, the new electric sports car will not only be much faster than the Venturi Fetish, but will perform slightly better than the current petrol-engined Mullen GT with a top speed of 200 mph and a 0-60 mph time of just over 3 seconds. The only external difference will be the badges.

Hybrid Technologies Holly Roseberry said of the announcement, "Our Corporation has expanded to include federal Government fleet vehicles, Swat Team all terrain vehicles, Smart Cars and now a lithium Super Car. The joint venture between Mullen and Hybrid is a true testament to the American Automotive ingenuity and entrepreneurship. The Lithium Carbon Fiber Super Car is a turning point in the perception of what electric vehicles can be. Being the first to build a vehicle such as this in American by Americans is a proud moment for our corporation."

The relationship with Hybrid Technologies and Mullen Motors provides Hybrid Technologies with a superlative vehicle in which to incorporate the latest in hybrid and lithium technologies. The vehicle will be unveiled to international automotive press/media as well as the public during the first day of the acclaimed New York International Auto Show. The Lithium Carbon Fiber Super Car Model is estimated to retail at approximately US$124,900.

Arthur E. Allen, President of Mullen Motors, stated "As a manufacturer of a precision automobile we are always forward thinking in respect to automotive technology". He also stated, "This relationship with Hybrid Technologies is a wonderful collaboration of design, technology and foresight.”

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