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February 8, 2006

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February 9, 2006 Je Joue is the world's first programmable vibrator - a non-penetrative vibrator controlled by digital files called Grooves, which instruct its soft massage pad to move in an infinitely variable number of patterns, creating a foreplay-like experience. Accordingly, long-distance lovers can now email their partners a sensual Valentine's Day treat - their own personal 'pleasure programme'. During the development process of JeJoue, the product was tested by 150 women – 90% said they would buy one, 75% said it was better than any other toy, and 24% said it was better than their partner.

Je Joue comes with 10 Grooves stored in its memory - from slow and sensual to fast and furious - but for those who want to give their partner a special, personalised experience, Je Joue's PleasureWare software allows you to create a personalised Groove that will appeal to your partner's individual desires. So even though you might be miles apart you can still keep Valentine's Day sexy by getting up close and personal with your loved one.

Je Joue's secret starts with the dexterity of its moving, vibrating massage pad (three pads of different shapes are supplied) that can move from side to side and in curved arcs, slide back and forward, and vibrate at varying speeds, intensities and patterns - to create a unique experience, lasting up to 30 minutes. Each Groove experience creates a feeling of 'otherness'; something that no existing vibrator can do. There is even a 'Don't Stop!' key to keep the current movement pattern repeating. The handset is rechargeable.

Je Joue was designed by award-winning product designer and Je Joue founder, Geoff Hollington, who has designed products for brands including Parker, Kodak and Hermann Miller. The idea was born in late 2002, when Geoff began to wonder why it was that in a world full of clever and aesthetically pleasing products such as mobile phones, iPods, PDAs and digital cameras, sensual products for women were still very limited in style and functionality. The result was the creation of Je Joue - a design that has both intelligent capability and elegant good looks.

During development the handsets were tested by over 150 women. Nine out of 10 prototype testers said they would buy the product; 75 per cent said it was better than any other toy; and 24 per cent said it was better than their partner. The handset has also been thoroughly tested for durability and safety and complies with international safety standards.

Je Joue costs GBP225 and is available here

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