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Fujitsu Server Achieves World Record Performance


February 1, 2006

Fujitsu Server Achieves World Record Performance

Fujitsu Server Achieves World Record Performance

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February 2, 2006 Fujitsu has announced that its high-end model PRIMEPOWER 2500 server recently achieved a new world record in the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation Java Business Benchmark 2005 (SPECjbb2005), with a performance of 1,157,619 business operations per second. SPECjbb2005 is a benchmark test developed by SPEC to evaluate the performance of servers running Java-based applications. It simulates the processing of actual wholesale industry business tasks, such as ordering, shipping, receipts and payment processing, inventory management and customer data management. Thus, the results can be used as an index of processing performance that reflects real-world business operations.

Fujitsu achieved the record with a 128-way PRIMEPOWER 2500 server using internally developed SPARC64 V processors operating at 2.08 GHz.

Fujitsu is jointly developing the next generation SPARC-based server running Solaris Operating System (codenamed APL: Advanced Product Line) with Sun Microsystems with product availability scheduled for the latter half of 2006. Going forward, Fujitsu intends to continue to provide the most optimized and ideal solutions for its customers utilizing Solaris on SPARC system.

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