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January 13, 2006

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January 14, 2006 If you’re considering the fit-out for your next luxury home and you’re one of those wine enthusiasts who anxiously awaits each November for the Beaujolais Nouveau to arrive, then feast your eyes on General Electric’s latest - a complete, turnkey walk-in wine vault. The US$35,000 GE Monogram Walk-In Wine Vault combines advanced cooling technology, an electronic inventory-management system, insulation, racking, and lighting - all in one spacious, self-contained unit that can be installed in as little as a day. The Monogram Wine Vault offers the ideal location for storing or displaying wines.

Monogram's new Wine Vault is designed specifically to manage and store fine wine in a secured environment. The Wine Vault measures approximately 8 feet high x 8 feet deep x 8 Â_ feet wide.

GE has also developed a Cellar Management System which comes pre-programmed with information about thousands of wines. The system employs a colour touch screen console and tag printer for convenience.

The system includes:

    Bar code labeling to assist with locating wine and removing it from inventory Drop down menus allowing the user to pre-load the database and classify each bottle entered into the system Inventory protection to manage hold time, peak and past due drink time for each type of wine Quick and easy look-up features to find bottles by country, type, and vintage Easy ongoing maintenance to enter and remove bottles in seconds

The 3000 BTU cooling system cools the room to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, maintaining a consistent humidity level for long-term wine storage. Electronic controls use a self-calibrating temperature probe to ensure a consistent temperature throughout the wine vault.

Consumers may choose between the following two options for racking:

    Storage racks are designed for the consumer searching for functionality and maximum capacity - holding almost 1100 bottles. Tasting racks are designed for consumers who like to display their collection. It replaces some of the inventory racks with an angled row for display and a tasting alcove in the back. Its maximum capacity is roughly 1031 bottles.

Both rack options are made of fine redwood. Engraved metal plates label rack locations to help inventory wines by region and variety.

Insulated panels with an R33 insulation factor and an airtight door seal help keep the temperature and humidity constant. The door can be locked to keep consumers precious wine inventory secure.

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