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Copper look at this - Ford 40 GT


November 7, 2005

Copper look at this - Ford 40 GT

Copper look at this - Ford 40 GT

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November 8, 2005 One of the most spectacular hot rods we’ve ever seen was on show on the Ford stand at SEMA last week. With a copper body based on a 1940 Ford Roadster, the car screamed handmade and classical workmanship. Scratch (dare we say that word with so much hand=beaten copper in sight?) the surface and you’ll find a chassis and powertrain based on the same Ford GT platform that underpinned the GTX-1 and GT, the Ford 40 GT is a very different way of using the 5.4 litre 550-horsepower supercharged V-8. The entire package is absolutely breathtaking and the story behind it is equally interesting with the copper hand-beaten at a former Soviet MIG fighter aircraft manufacturing facility in Poland and the assembly by Kirkham Motorsport which usually makes beautiful hand-sculpted cars from aluminium.

Autoblog has a more detailed story on the Ford 40 GT.

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