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Yamaha V-Max 2005 and MT-OS concept bikes


October 24, 2005

Yamaha V-Max 2005 and MT-OS concept bikes

Yamaha V-Max 2005 and MT-OS concept bikes

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October 25, 2005 One of the trends of the most recent motorcycle shows in Paris and Tokyo has been showing new concept motorcycles and being very vague with the information accompanying them. Yamaha has shown a raft of new and fascinating such motocycles at the Tokyo Show but we’re still very much in the dark on two of its concepts. The MT-OS was first shown at the 2005 Paris Motor Show and is a radically styled version of the 89 bhp 1670cc Yamaha MT-O1 – as if the MT-01 wasn’t radical enough. The other is also a reprise of the nearly 20 year old V-Max – Yamaha’s original muscle bike has been brought right up to date though we suspect that the new motor is going to have a much larger capacity. Like two litres? Now that’d be worth the two decade wait.

Some magazines are reporting that the V-max is almost identical to the 2007 production version with the capacity of the motor pumped out to macho size circa 2005, - 1800cc. One wonders what sort of straight-line performance the new V-MAX can produce. With 1800cc of brute horsepower, we're thinking of 200 bhp plus and sub 10 second quarter mile times. Wowweeeeee!!

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