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VK2000 pushes the boundaries of mobile phone size


September 25, 2005

VK2000 pushes the boundaries of mobile phone size

VK2000 pushes the boundaries of mobile phone size

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September 26, 2005 Thin and small is in, at least when it comes to mobile phones and the trend started by Motorola with the RAZR has gathered some serious momentum recently with the recent announcements from NEC, Samsung and now one of the lesser-knownKorean cell phone manufacturers, VK.

In keeping with the Korean mindset of striving for demonstrable excellence in design, VK has unveiled what is arguably the slimmest and lightest handset on the market today - the 8.8-millimeter-thick VK2000 weighs only 48 grams.

VK will release the VK2000 in China this week and in Korea in December. Surprisingly, the phone will not be a premium item, but will be priced at under US$100 for the budget conscious.

That's the VK2000 pictured - roughly the size of a business card and the width of a cigarette.

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