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Wireless digital music centre goes HiFi


July 28, 2005

The Symphony

The Symphony

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July 29, 2005 It often takes a while for a new concept to be fully embraced by the establishment – historically, this has not been a strategically good move. So we kinda like the take the “Symphony” – it’s a wireless digital HiFi component based on the popular idea of a central device that stores, manages and wirelessly distributes digital music throughout the home, but goes a new way with regard to its hardware and user interface concept. Engineered as a true HiFi component, the Symphony features the proprietary Digital Pure Audio (DPA) technology that delivers the high fidelity sound an audiophile calls for. Although the Symphony is filled with innovative convergence technology, its intuitive navigation requires no prior user knowledge of such.

Addressing the high share of classical music aficionados among audiophiles the Symphony is the world's first device to come with Playlist, a software that allows users to meaningfully catalog and compile classical music. The new Symphony starts at US$899, and includes the free Preload service - the ripping of the user's music onto the device before it ships.

"The wide acceptance of digital music has spurred the availability of solutions that allow users to enjoy music away from the PC.", said Oliver Bergmann, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and President of Olive Media Products, Inc. "However, the quality limitations of lossy audio formats and problematic integration of convergence technology have made those solutions unacceptable for music aficionados. Olive enters the market from the perspective of a true audiophile, eliminating the PC experience entirely."

Digital Pure Audio

  • Fully-fledged IBM PowerPC 32-bit processor provides processing power to handle en-/decoding of multiple audio streams without audio degradation.
  • Record audio in lossless quality with its full audio spectrum. Choice of uncompressed format (AIFF, WAV) or lossless compression (FLAC).
  • Truly digital output to stereo systems via SPDIF optical and TOSLINK coax port.
  • Low power consumption (7W in Play) allows Symphony to work without a fan.
  • World’s only digital HiFi solution with noiseless 2.5" hard drive (80GB). Holds up to 20,000 songs.
  • Custom-built linear power supply causes minimum noise interference to susceptible DAC.
  • A central place for all your music.

    • Record and archive CDs with one button directly to hard drive. Built-in database (2,000,000 names of tracks, albums etc.) identifies and tags CD automatically.
    • Use RCA input to record from external devices such as a turntable or tape deck.
    • Stream music from or to a Mac/PC2.
    • Library of free internet radio stations.
    • Ease of use. Beautiful design.

      • Designed to integrate seamlessly into an existing HiFi system.
      • High-resolution wide-screen LCD.
      • Two-level jog-wheel provides intuitive way to browse and select music.
      • Take your music everywhere

        • Update your Apple iPod via the USB interface. No computer required.
        • Integrated networking capabilities (wireless 802.11g access point or 10/100 Ethernet 4-port-switch) allow simultaneous multi-room audio distribution to up to 5
        • locations. Wireless Olive Sonata music receivers optionally available.
        • Burn your music with the built-in CD drive or duplicate CDs.
        • Playlist - Management software for classical music.

          • Provides a customized metadata structure that allows user to label and catalog classical music correctly, and create smart playlists based on this information.
          • Free online encyclopedia gives users instant access to detailed information about composers, their works and more.
          • Preload - Free service to rip and load music onto Symphony

            • Olive offers for a limited time a free upload of the user's music collection with the purchase of the Symphony.
            • The customer ships his/her original CDs to Olive, the music is preloaded for free before the Symphony ships.

              The Symphony will be available mid-August starting at US$899. The wireless music receiver Sonata will be priced at US$199. The free Preload service is for pre-orders only.

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