July 24, 2005 There is nothing as precious as a baby and there are few points in a child’s life when it is more vulnerable than in a vehicle with mum concentrating on the road. So when we saw the BabyCam from Rostra Precision Controls which allows safe and easy monitoring of children in their car seats without taking driver focus from the road, we figured we should let people know about it. The system is designed for Toyota SUVs/trucks, and features a small, compact, wide-angle view that enables mum the driver to turn around to check on an infant in a reverse-oriented car seat. A flush-mount installation places the state-of-the-art high-quality color camera in the center of the vehicle's roof interior/headliner for a streamlined, OEM-like appearance. The camera plugs directly into the mirror for easy driver viewing. A 3.5" LCD color display is included that is built into the rearview mirror to allow quick driver monitoring of children.

"The BabyCam is just another example of the leading edge technology Rostra provides to the automotive industry to enhance driver and passenger safety," said Mike Brock, vice president, Automotive Accessories Group, Rostra Precision Controls, Inc.