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July 18, 2005

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July 19, 2005 This simple invention looks set to destroy one of the traditional global rites of passage – learning to carry four or more alcoholic beverages at the same time as learning about the effects of drinking alcohol. This ingenious device is the brainchild of Sydnesider John Braams, who was tired of carrying drinks back to his mates in flimsy cardboard trays. Says John, “the cardboard trays we all know and hate are poorly designed – they are unstable because the centre of gravity is above the carrier. Also, when wet, which often happens when you’re using them to carry beverages, they quickly deteriorate and can fall apart.” The Skoona Moova is a simple plastic flat fold-away tray that has been designed to make carrying four large glasses easy. Surprisingly, because the tray allows the weight to be balanced evenly, moving heavy drinks is effortless, and there is less spillage as the device is sturdy and won’t collapse. With two Skoona Moovas, you can carry eight drinks, and it’s re-usable, so when you’re finished, you fold it and store it in a pocket or handbag, office drawer or glove box until it’s next needed.

The surface of the ‘Jack of all Trays’ can easily be printed upon, making this an ideal merchandising vehicle. Logos can be featured on the device, and John attests that it’s definitely ‘one handy tool which won’t be thrown away’.

“Everyone who has used the Skoona Moova loves it, and because it folds into itself and ends up the size of your palm, and is virtually weightless, it is no effort to take it with you to the footy or pub, festival or exhibition, and alleviates the need for more than one person to visit the bar when purchasing a round of drinks,” said John.

The Skoona Moova is simplistic in design and will be produced in Australia, with 5c being donated to the Salvation Army for every unit sold. John is hoping to interest breweries and liquor distributors in the gadget as a branded marketing tool. Already, he has secured interest from large corporate companies who are personalising the ‘Jack of all Trays’ with their logo and distributing the ingenious device to delegates at major conferences and trade shows.

Anyone interested in knowing more about the ‘Skoona Moova’, its distribution and availability can visit the website at

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