Javelin makes an appearance at Paris Air Show


June 13, 2005

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June 14, 2005 Aviation Technology Group officially introduced the Javelin Mk-20 military trainer at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, France yesterday. At a third of the cost of current military trainers, the Javelin Mk-20 will have the ability to fly 0.92 Mach and reach a maximum ceiling of 45,000 feet. The Javelin’s cockpit and avionics will be compatible with the display systems in current fighter jets, including the F-16, Eurofighter and more. With its high speed, manoeuvrability, and unprecedented performance, coupled with the economy, reliability, and comfort of a light business jet, the Javelin is unique in general aviation. There’s also a US$2.795 million two-seat executive jet version of the Javelin.

ATG is working with Israel Aircraft Industries to market the Javelin Mk-20, a 5th generation military jet trainer to friends and allies around the world. Advanced systems will include IAI’s Virtual Training System with embedded simulations of combat scenarios, simulated operation of weapons, self defense systems, missions planning and debriefing capabilities.

"The Javelin Mk-20 military trainer uniquely provides a large flight envelope and the high performance to learn advanced flying skills, said George Bye, CEO of ATG. “Training is further enhanced with the Javelin’s fifth generation cockpit systems which allow pilots to perform complex simultaneous tasks. These capabilities, when combined the Javelin Mk-20’s low costs make the Javelin a truly remarkable training aircraft."

"The Javelin Mk 20 Jet Trainer provides the answer to the modern requirements from fighter pilots - a combination of high performance to train appropriate flying skills, and advanced avionic systems to teach the cognitive skills required for modern fighter systems and information management,” said Avi Maor, a highly experienced fighter pilot and International Marketing Manager, Israel Aircraft Industries. “This combination in the Javelin Mk-20 is offered at the price level of turboprop trainers. With this performance and economy, the Javelin Mk-20 will bring back jet trainers for jet fighter pilots!"

The civil version, the Javelin Executive Jet, is currently selling for US$2.795 million, (2005 dollars).

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