Next Generation Knovel Library: cool new tools plus over 700 Science and Technical References


June 5, 2005

June 6, 2005--At the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Annual Conference which opened in Toronto (Canada) yesterday, Knovel, a leading provider of Web-based information services for engineers, scientists and librarians, announced the availability of the next generation Knovel Library, a streamlined full-text science and technical reference and online database with new powerful and intuitive search and productivity tools. Knovel's new Web-based platform is the third generation of the Knovel service which transforms information into actionable intelligence by integrating software tools with content. Very cool! Highly recommended.

"The new Knovel Library was designed the way that scientists, engineers, and information professionals actually discover and make use of necessary information based on the input of Knovel's 375 institutional customers," said Christopher M. Forbes, CEO of Knovel Corporation. "Unlike less intuitive services, researchers using Knovel Library search with the power of a database, browse with the familiar feeling of a book, find the information they are after quickly, and then analyze and import results into workflow with powerful job-specific productivity tools."

The enhancements included in Knovel Library make finding and analyzing information for millions of engineers, scientists and librarians faster and easier. Powered by more than 700 high-quality scientific and engineering references and embedded with Productivity Tools, the new Knovel Library indexes every word, every chart and graph, and every picture in the database, ensuring Knovel users the most powerful scientific search platform available anywhere. Enhancements allow users to retrieve useful answers quickly and easily with simple keyword and phrase searches or to refine their queries for greater accuracy with an array of new search tools including unlimited Boolean searching, fielded bibliographic limits, wildcard truncation and exact phrase matching. Results are ranked according to relevancy, popularity, or alphabetically for easy navigation, and moving between browsing results and further refining search queries is transparently easy.

Knovel technology transforms text content and numerical data of any type and complexity into a consistent research platform. The new Knovel Library combines leading technical references, databases and analytical software into one complete service. Additional new and improved features include enhancements to find information quickly through searching and browsing, Productivity Tools to analyze the results, and easy exporting the data into the workflow applications that make the information useful and relevant.

More information and a tour of the new Knovel Library can be found here. To facilitate trials of the Knovel Library and to help businesses, academic institutions, and government agencies make the transition to a virtual library, Knovel offers K-Essentials, which includes unlimited access to nine highly acclaimed science and technical references free of charge. To gain access to the K-Essentials program, free subscription requests must be made through a librarian, information specialist, or departmental manager. Qualified professionals may apply here.

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