Baby Sling Affords Hands-Free Carrying for Baby


April 13, 2005

April 14, 2005 Fashion meets function for moms sporting the new Peanut Shell baby sling, a "back-to-nurture" product that carries baby in style while mom's hands remain free. The Peanut Shell is the first product from Goo-Ga, a Mountain View, California-based company founded by full-time mom Alicia Shaffer. The Peanut Shell sling is a pouch-style baby sling. It is designed to be worn over one shoulder with the opposite side resting on the hip. The Peanut Shell sling is also ideal for discreet nursing. Mrs. Shaffer's eight-month-old son provided the inspiration to form Goo- Ga. "My background is in medical sales where I was the top representative for the company. I loved my job but really wanted to be with my son full-time so I put my efforts into launching my own business," she stated.

"For the past 30 years, numerous studies have shown that 'baby wearing' -- otherwise known as carrying a baby in a cloth carrier -- promotes bonding and parental responsiveness. The practice goes back thousands of years, before the introduction of agriculture, when women in hunting and gathering societies had to search for food while providing milk and comfort to their baby. It is my hope that our slings will enhance infant-mother bonding, which is why we call the Peanut Shell a 'back-to-nurture' product," added Mrs. Shaffer.

Peanut Shell slings are manufactured in America using stretchable fabrics without any rings, buckles or straps that need adjusting. "The Peanut Shell baby sling has a slightly slimmer cut as compared to other slings on the market. It gives Mom a slender look while maintaining baby's comfort. Additionally, our measurement chart is very comprehensive in an effort to provide the wearer with the most comfortable slinging experience," said Shaffer.

The Peanut Shell can hold babies up to 36 pounds. The slings are available in a variety of stylish solid colors and prints and feature a pocket in which the wearer can place accessories. The price for a Peanut Shell sling is between $38-$48 depending on the customer's choice of fabric and trim. The price does not include tax and shipping. Peanut Shell slings are available online at .

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