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Keyscan keyboard with integrated scanner and USB2.0 hub - very cool!!


February 17, 2005

Keyscan keyboard with integrated scanner and USB2.0 hub - very cool!!

Keyscan keyboard with integrated scanner and USB2.0 hub - very cool!!

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February 18, 2005 Gizmag likes productivity tools, and though this is just a keyboard, it's not just any keyboard. It contains a scanner and a USB2 hub - and we think that warrants attention from all us cyberserfs who spend the majority of our working hours slaving over a hot keyboard. The KeyScan KS810 will be officially announced on CeBIT 05 followed by immediate sales. Recommended end user price is EU149 EUR.

There's also a KeyScan-Secure KS811 with a finger print and/or smart card reader, color scanner & USB2 HUB are integrated into the PC keyboard. The KS811 will be demonstrated on CeBIT with sales planned for Q3/05.

KeyScan specialises in personal productivity tools for office and home computer users and the zero foot print scanner makes a lot of sense, considering the amount of garbage we try to squeeze onto a desktop. It also makes sense as a cost effective, streamlined solution for transforming paper documents into information that is easy to access, store, and modify electronically.

Integration of scanner in the PC keyboard brings truly zero-footprint scanning functionality to the user's desktop and makes interactive scanning with all related applications such as paperless office, fax, paper document email, copier and OCR available in front of the user when needed.

Check out the offerings at Keyscan's site.

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