All-in-One Instant Communications Software released - contains Instant Messaging, Blogging, Photo Sharing, File Sharing and Desktop Search


February 14, 2005

February 15, 2005 Silicon Valley start-up imeem has introduced some innovative new communications software that might be a forerunner to the Personal Communications suite of the future. The software is a combined secure suite of products for communication on the web and combines instant messaging, blogging, photo sharing, file sharing and desktop search all into one package. The free software will give users new power to find any content they want and new control over whom they share it with over a network that offers the speed and security that rivals many corporate networks.

"imeem assembles many of the ways we communicate today -- through instant messaging, blogs, files, photos and chats -- in one secure place," said Jan Jannink, Co-Founder and President of imeem, which introduced the software at the prestigious DEMO Conference last Sunday.

"imeem simplifies your ability to find and share all the content you love with as large or small a group as you want on a personal network that provides unprecedented speed and security," said Jannink.

imeem's software enables the following services directly from any PC desktop:

instant messaging: enhanced instant messaging with the capability to chat individually or chat as a group, all over a secure network without fear of Internet snoops listening in. blogging: intuitive journal software that lets you post to your own blog and comment on others. If you prefer sharing privately, you can set your access controls to only allow sharing with your friends, or you can have your journals published automatically to the web.

photo sharing: your photos are securely shared from your desktop so they are protected from being published to the web or being altered by strangers.

file sharing: imeem has a secure network for sharing files, from your secret chili recipe to the PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow's meeting. groups: With imeem you can find groups of people who share interests and enjoy them together via shared groups (meems in the company's language).

desktop search: with a recent acquisition, imeem will soon provide enhanced desktop search, making it even easier to find your digital documents and share them on the secure imeem network.

imeem is currently in limited release and has opened its network only to invited groups and their guests. imeem will continue to select additional groups to try out the new product.

"imeem is ushering in the next wave of communications over the Internet," said Ken Gullickson, General Partner, Morgenthaler Ventures, which is an early investor in imeem and also has supported next generation companies that include SnoCap (digital licensing and copyright management services), Orb Networks (a simple way to view, hear and access all kinds of digital content from any Internet-enabled device) and the price comparison service NexTag.

"E-mail made Internet communications a reality, but imeem will take this communication to a new level, allowing groups as small as a family or as large as a town, to communicate instantly and share information, photos and files in a completely secure environment."

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