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P3ProSwing: PC based golf swing simulation


November 19, 2004

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November 20, 2004 P3ProSwing is a golf simulation and swing analyser aimed at giving amateurs easy access to detailed information on their swing characteristics using an existing PC. The system tracks nearly a dozen key swing characteristics, including club speed, swing tempo, attack angle, face angle, swing path and toe and heel heights. Each swing is displayed on the computer's monitor, allowing golfers to view see dramatic virtual views of the ball's 'flight' and a recently introduced projection screen system also enables the set up of a complete indoor virtual golf system.

"P3ProSwing is extremely accurate and it's a great teaching tool," said Leslie B. Otten, who created the P3ProSwing (and is also vice-chairman of the Boston Red Sox). "But we created P3ProSwing primarily for the home golfer. We wanted to make game improvement fun, and bring it into the market at an affordable price."

Golf Digest ranked P3ProSwing "Highly Recommended" in its December, 2004 Hot List and the system previously won a 'Best in Show' ranking from Golfweek, which covered product introductions at the 2004 PGA Expo.

Each swing is displayed on the computer's monitor, allowing golfers to view see dramatic virtual views of the ball's 'flight.' Digital readouts of key swing parameters are also displayed. Onboard features include a driving range, championship golf course, practice course, practice putting green and a putting competition game. P3ProSwing is one of the few systems available that permits putting.

Graphics and animation for the system were created by a top video game designer to provide an authentic golfing experience.

The system sells a RRP of US$579. A recently introduced a new projection screen system option also allows golfers to set up a complete indoor virtual golf system for around US$4,000.

"All you need is a PC, the P3ProSwing system and screen, and a mid-range LCD projector," Otten said. "You can set it up in your game room or garage, and it outperforms systems selling for ten times as much."

P3ProSwing is available from select retailers, and is also available for online purchase.

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