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Soyuz space parachutes recycled into designer bags


November 7, 2004

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November 8, 2004 What do you do when you find a Soyuz parachute from a mission to the space station? If you're Everquest Design Inc. of Canada, you transform them into unique, designer bags and sell them on eBay!

Everquest Design specialise in unique, limited edition bags with authentic parachutes from Space Station missions, America's Cup sails, Mount Everest Expeditions and more. The Soyuz bags are a simple, unique "piece of adventure" all the way from outer space to your shoulder.

Everquest Design says "It's all about having a different kind of bag. We believe there is brand scepticism (is it a real Prada bags or a fake?) and brand fatigue. People are looking for adventure and authenticity; they want to stand out in theever-growing Sea of Sameness. And it's not about being able to spend the big bucks anymore; it's about having something unique".

The recycled Soyuz space bags redefine authenticity and "limited edition" with a Zero-Copy concept: every bag features a different piece of space parachute material. No two bags can be identical since every piece of cloth is already unique. Each bag comes with a certificate of authenticity and the limited number of Soyuz parachutes means the limited edition bags are guaranteed (unless Russian capitalism senses a marketing opportunity).

The bags are designed for the city commuter looking for a cool messenger-type bag with Personality, and can be ordered from www.everquestdesign.com. They come in a range of urban, laptop and shoulder designs.

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Did you ever get your hands on one of these bags? Hardly likely as they never existed. Everquest design was a scam operation run by a Canadian called Jean Luc Marcoux. After taking orders and downpayments from unsuspecting buyers they subsequently disappeared.

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