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Craftworks fridge for garage and workspaces

Craftworks fridge for garage and workspaces

Craftworks fridge for garage and workspaces

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Craftworks is the first compact refrigerator designed specifically for the garage, workshop and home away from home living environments. On the outside it has a toolbox red exterior with rugged metal door pulls to blend in with other major tool chest brands. On the inside, this efficient 4.4 cu. ft. refrigerator satisfies space, energy, and portability needs to safely and conveniently provide refreshments where they are needed.

The Craftworks refrigerator was specifically designed for mechanics, carpenters and do-it-yourself enthusiasts who spend time in a workshop. The product offers many features not found in other compact refrigerators, plus, a generous 2-year warranty with local support from a nationwide service network. The Craftworks has a door lock system for security and heavy duty, locking casters for ease of movement and access. It has an innovative black inside with interior lighting and a handy can stacker delivers 12 oz. cans within easy reach. The smart door design allows upright storage of 2 litre and half gallon bottles and the entire unit is energy star rated, with an auto-defrost function that uses only 325 kWh a year.

With more and more business owners looking for new ways to improve the workshop environment and increase overall efficiency, the Craftworks refrigerator is a compact solution to food and beverage needs. It is priced at US $249 from Intirion and can be ordered from the website below.


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