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Science Museum Multi-Function Traveller

Science Museum Multi-Function Traveller

Science Museum Multi-Function Traveller

Multi-function media devices are proliferating at a breakneck speed and it's often hard to tell the benefits of one from another. The Science Museum Multi-Function Traveller, however, is a versatile and functional little gadget that crams some handy applications into a lightweight and compact unit.

First there's an FM radio with autoscan tuning. Next a talking clock (with 4 separate alarms and snooze) speaks the time in a realistic voice. Then it displays ambient temperature in either °F or °C. A calculator is concealed behind the slide-down cover and a Music Mode offers a choice of 15 classical melodies. And finally, the crowning glory is an electronic TENS machine that delivers pain-relieving 'tapping' and 'kneading' via electronic pads. In total, six varied functions for a low UK £25.00.

The UK Science Museum (http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/) makes a range of multi-function devices that are sold in a number of online marketplaces. The Traveller can be hard to find but well worth checking out for such a versatile travel companion.

Multi-Function Traveller is available to buy online from www.sciencemuseumstore.com , by phone on 0870 241 5596 or by fax 01993 779002. Mail order catalogues available.

Also available from www.innovations.co.uk and www.abound.co.uk

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