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The form factor of the future PC could be emerging

The form factor of the future PC could be emerging

The form factor of the future PC could be emerging

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The form factor for a future generation of personal computers may be emerging as two new projection technologies promise to overcome the remaining major stumbling blocks to miniaturisation - the screen and the keyboard.

Miniaturised projection technologies for both keyboard and screen which can be incorporated into a PDA or phone could pave the way for a full desktop experience from a portable device. The virtual keyboard from VKB is a projection keyboard using both infrared technology (to produce an invisible circuit) and laser technology to project a full-size keyboard that performs exactly like a real one.

Holographic projection technology promises a miniature projector built into every phone, PDA and laptop - as insignificant in size as a phone camera lens, this projector could beam a razor sharp, high contrast, ultra high resolution display as big as you like onto the nearest wall or flat surface. This would enable a small device to replicate a full featured computer by projecting a keyboard onto the desk in front of you and a hi-res 40" (as big as you want) image onto the wall.

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