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Cocooning gives way to INSPERIENCES

Cocooning gives way to INSPERIENCES

Cocooning gives way to INSPERIENCES

Variously known as 'cocooning', 'Home Haven' and 'Hiving', the concept of retreating from the realities of life into the safety of the home has been on the human behaviour roadmap for two decades.

The fact is that consumers' homes will forever be their most prized possessions, which means spotting domestic trends before others could net you a competitive advantage in your business. International company TRENDWATCHING.COM suspects to be the next big thing in the world of domestic bliss will be INSPERIENCES.

Basically, in a consumer society and outside world dominated by branded, designed, themed and curated experiences, the INSPERIENCES trend represents consumers' desire to invite brands offering experiences exclusive to the (semi) public domain, to set up shop within their own domestic domain.

Needless to say, before they're allowed to pass through the front door, some of these experiences need to be stripped from the dangers, annoyances, and unwanted interactions with strangers that normally come attached.

Think installing Crunch-operated home gyms in that spare room, tapping near-perfect beers on a Heineken BeerTender in one's Entertainment Room, or decking out the master bedroom with Westin's Heavenly Beds, pillows and linen.

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