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Peppot Pet-Camera allows remote monitoring

Peppot Pet-Camera allows remote monitoring

Peppot Pet-Camera allows remote monitoring

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For those among us who are very attached to their pet here's a great (and VERY expensive) way to check in on your cat/dog/budgie when you're not at home.

The Matsushita Electric Works Peppot Pet-Camera has a built-in motion sensor which detects when your pet is within shot and can take pictures automatically and send them to your mobile phone.

The pictures are only 100,000 pixels which is just as well, cause the wireless data costs will soon dwarf the Peppot's JPY 12,000 (AUD$150) price tag.

Now there's not much practical about the Peppot, but we're still pretty keen on a very similar device from iSeePet which enables you to see when your pet is feeding, talk to your pet, and even press a button to give them more food. Both Peppot and iSeePet are currently only available in Japan.

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