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Bike-o-Meter accessory for the Siemens M65 Mobile Phone

Bike-o-Meter accessory for the Siemens M65 Mobile Phone

Bike-o-Meter accessory for the Siemens M65 Mobile Phone

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Siemens Germany has released an optional IBS-600 Bike-o-meter which transforms the new M65 mobile phone into an innovative bike computer, and simultaneously serves as a holder for the phone.

The Bike-o-Meter's feature set includes all the functionality of a bike computer (speedometer, time, maximum and average speed and other related calculations), and it can also display predefined route information.

Users can use the M65 to retrieve training routes entered previously, or to save new tours with waypoints.

The performance figures for a training route, recorded while covering the route, are saved automatically and the collected training data can simply be compared over a period of time. Siemens also plans to release a range of bike routes on the internet for downloading to your mobile phone.

The M65 is mounted on the handlebars in a robust holder and can thus withstand high speeds and jumps.

A mix of materials, (metal frame and rubber elements), protect the M65 optimally from dust, water splashes and knocks.

And while you're out having fun, there's a digital camera in the phone to ensure everything gets captured.

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