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Advanced Integrated Soldier to use heads-up display

Advanced Integrated Soldier to use heads-up display

Advanced Integrated Soldier to use heads-up display

Information technology is playing an increasingly important role in the battlefield, and the best equipped forces of the not-too-distant duture will be carrying an array of wearable IT to assist them in their tasks.

One such system recently shown at Soldier Technology 2004 in Belgium was the NA-OR Advanced Integrated Soldier System.

The Advanced Integrated Soldier System (AISS) has been designed to significantly enhance combat and control capabilities of the infantry in both urban and open-terrain environments.

The system considerably improves navigation and situational awareness capabilities, enables target identification and acquisition, facilitates bi-directional communication of data, and provides the means for real-time distinction between friendly and enemy forces.

All the visual interfaces to the user in the AISS system feature eMagin's active matrix OLED SVGA+ microdisplays. The system is currently being evaluated by the Israeli Defence Forces.

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