Sony EyeToy adds Video Conferencing to the Playstation 2


June 4, 2004

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has unveiled the latest title in the ‘EyeToy’ family. ‘EyeToy: Chat’ is yet another pointer to the versatility of the PlayStation2 (PS2) as a home entertainment system by adding videophone functionality.

On show at the E3 Expo and expected in stores in stores by Q3, 2004 ‘EyeToy: Chat’ uses the PS2 Network Adaptor, ‘EyeToy’ USB camera and a PS2, to create a videophone enabling ‘EyeToy: Chat’ broadband users to communicate anywhere completely for free.

‘EyeToy: Chat’ offers four very different ways to communicate including text, voice, video mail and one-to-one video chat. The ‘text chat’ rooms allow 256 people to talk together, while 16 people can converse at one time in the ‘voice chat’ rooms. Of course the real fun of using ‘EyeToy: Chat’ are the video chat functions where you can see the person you are talking to ‘in real time’.

The more competitive chatterboxes also have the option to play one of three games together while using the one on one video chat, including: Chess, Draughts and ‘Naval War’. ‘EyeToy: Chat’ also gives you the chance of sending 30-second video mail messages to people on the buddies list.

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