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FlyOver Visual MAP - Car Navigation Systems with 3D aerial imagery map


June 4, 2004

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FlyOver Technologies has released its second generation Visual Map technology which interprets maps and aerial imagery to produce a realistic 3D navigation map for in-vehicle navigation.

These latest car navigation systems utilizing FlyOver display aerial imagery as realistic 3D navigation map with all of a map's attributes.

FlyOver 2nd generation aerial imagery streaming technology, incorporates all 47 Japanese Prefectures and 97 cities in great detail, with each stored in four different views - spring, autumn, winter and summer.

FlyOver 2nd generation plots the current position of your vehicle and traces the car movement in real-time via an on board GPS - much the same as most automotive navigation systems, though this has the additional advantage of offering a three dimensional map which enables the driver to better visualise where they are on the map and additional visual cues to make driving and navigating easier.

For example, the 'Sky Cruise View' provides route guidance and Point of Interest placement. Realistic sky textures for day, sunset and night are dynamically changed to match real-time change in ambient lighting conditions.

Kenwood has released the FlyOver technology in two new in-car audio-visual navigation systems which aim to bring the home theatre experience to automobiles. The top-of-the-range navigation system HDV-910 is priced at 298,000 yen, (AUD$3670) and is equipped with a 20GB hard drive, a CD/DVD drive, as well as a MD player.

Isaac Levanon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FlyOver, stated, 'these new systems are the fifth car navigation systems by Kenwood using FlyOver technology since 2002. It is a renewed vote of confidence in the value of FlyOver technology to enhance driver's navigation experience.'

'We overcame major technical barriers with this second generation technology,' said Levanon. 'We now allow for more area coverage imagery of over 60Gb with higher lossless compression, we provide real-time filtering to enhance image quality, and we dynamically change the image colour tone to realistically match the time of day.

'FlyOver enables car navigation manufacturers the ability to integrate the FlyOver technology without redesigning their hardware, hence reducing both cost and time to market' added Mr. Levanon.

About FlyOver:

FlyOver operates in Japan, Singapore, Korea and Israel, and offers image streaming with 3D manoeuvrability for digital navigation systems. FlyOver provides Visual Map technology to replace static mapping with real high definition imagery (satellite/aerial) for all devices, including PCs, PDAs, In-Car Navigation Systems and mobile handsets.

FlyOver an interactive ability for people to view visual maps with motion (like a bird flying) and enables us to look at the world and related information in a more realistic way. The system is accessible over narrowband communication with extremely thin client viewer, as software only solution with no hardware support including DirectX, DirectDraw or OpenGL support.

The company's strategic partners include car navigation makers, mapping data and point of interest providers, aerial and satellite imagery sensing companies, mobile content providers, homeland security and defence related entities.

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