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The Chillow - a Non-Electric, Self-Cooling Cushion

The Chillow - a Non-Electric, Self-Cooling Cushion

The Chillow - a Non-Electric, Self-Cooling Cushion

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The Chillow Comfort Device is a new non-electric, self-cooling cushion that's designed to provide any pillow with a perpetual "cool spot". In addition to being a sleeping aid, the Chillow is also claimed to offer a variety of health and comfort benefits.

'It started as a unique means to provide consumers with a never-ending 'cool spot' for their pillows,' says Eric Stanley, co-founder and Vice President of Maverick.

'As temperature is very closely related to good sleep, the Chillow helps people sleep, yet we've found that it's also effective in soothing a number of common health ailments - everything from headaches and hangovers to hot flashes, fibromyalgia, even Multiple Sclerosis. It's also become a significant aid for women suffering from the symptoms of menopause."

Powered by the company's SoothSoft Technology, the Chillow appears to have very few downsides - the technology is non-electric and self-cooling and employs non-toxic materials and fluids - the Chillow is always room temperature (72'F to 80'F), or about twenty degrees cooler than body temperature (average 98.6'F).

SoothSoft works by absorbing your heat continually and discharging the absorbed heat back to the surrounding environment for a steady yet gentle cooling effect. It always feels cool because you are always hotter than it is. Hence, it is refreshing but not cold, wet, drippy, or uncomfortable. The technology is simple, functional, versatile and maintenance free.

It's a safe and convenient alternative to traditional comforting pads that require electricity, freezing, gels or refrigeration.

Maverick has also recently launched the Canine Cooler Thermoregulating Pet Bed , a cooling pad that's specially designed for dogs available in three sizes starting at US$39.99.

The company intends to develop a line of products based on the technology, including computer ergonomic aids.

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