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June 4, 2004

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One of the most remarkable debuts at the 2004 CES was the a solar power jacket prototype designed to allow wearers to carry, connect and charge their portable digital devices.

Developed jointly by ICP Solar Technologies and Technology Enabled Clothing company SCOTTeVEST, the solar jacket will go on sale in February 2004 in several models with prices varying from US$200 and US$400.

The solar panel on the shoulders of the jacket will convert the sun's rays into energy, which feeds a hidden battery pack charger about the size of a deck of cards in the lining of the jacket. The ICP's ChargePak can be wired to all the pockets to power mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs, Game Boys, MP3 players and other mobile devices.

ICP Solar Technologies is integrating its flexible thin-film photovoltaic technologies (CIGS) in SCOTTeVEST jackets. These jackets will allow wearers to carry, connect and charge their portable digital devices in one convenient and fully integrated package. Strategically mounted CIGS panels are pre-wired, providing solar power to individual devices for power storage (charging) or immediate consumption.

ICP Solar Technologies CIGS technology is a high efficiency, ultra lightweight personal solar power solution that has proved itself in numerous applications, ranging from marine to desert environments, for the military and others.

It is a highly durable and self-repairing solar technology, ideally suited for mobile applications. Combined with integrated charge control and optional battery/charger systems, it provides the conveniences of back-up and always on, on-demand small scale solar electrical power.

"We are constantly seeking solutions to build state-of-the-art wearable technology.

'We believe that this project represents the next logical step in consumer wearable computers.

'No longer will you have to rely on traditional power sources to recharge your mobile electronic devices.

'We expect solar panels together with the P.A.N. to be incorporated into approximately 30% of all outerwear in the next three to five years.', said Scott Jordan, Chairman and CEO of SCOTTeVEST LLC.

From February 2004, consumers will be able to preorder their jackets online at

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