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Bose virtual surround sound home theatre system


December 11, 2003

Bose virtual surround sound home theatre system

Bose virtual surround sound home theatre system

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Thursday December 12, 2003

Bose have released a new audio system for home theatre that it claims can deliver a surround-sound experience that is extraordinarily close to a full five-speaker system using just two visible speakers. The Bose 3.2.1. GS system uses "TrueSpace" signal processing to send multiple signals to each of the two loudspeakers combined with precise gemstone arrays to mimic the effect of surround sound.

The Bose 3.2.1. GS features a DVD/CD and digital tuner in a compact console and the infra-red remote allows control of the television and cable box from the one remote.

Easy to set up and with the obvious benefit of not having to run wire to rear speakers, the Gemstone arrays have two 5.1 cm drivers in each speaker and the Bose bass module provides low-end impact in an easily concealable unit.

The TrueSpace signal processing works in concert with digital 5.1 decoding (Dolby and DTS) and Bose VideoStage decoding.

"The 3.2.1. GS offers much greater portability and is extremely quick and easy to set up with just four simple connections. It offers a very good alternative for those where a five speaker set up is not viable or people find it just too complicated' said Dom Waters, National Sales Manager for Bose.

The Bose 3.2.1. GS costs $2399 including GST. See www.bose.com.au or phone Bose on 1800 023 367 for further information.

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