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Online Music Vouchers an Australian first


December 3, 2003

Thursday December 4, 2003

Australian music consumers will soon be able to purchase vouchers to buy music online without the need for a credit card. Destra Corporation Limited are rolling out pre-paid voucher vending terminals in around 10,000 retail outlets across the country over the next three months with a view to capturing the web-savvy and normally credit card-less under 18 marketplace.

The vouchers will work in the same way as pre-paid mobile phones - consumers pay any dollar amount toward a music voucher and instructions provided on the docket enable the online transaction to retrieve their online music purchase at music e-tail sites including MP3.com.au, Sanity.com.au, HMV.com.au, Chaos Music, whammo.com.au and Rome, all without using credit cards.

Destra's CEO, Mr. Domenic Carosa said in a press statement, "The under 18 marketplace, the largest consumers of music, will now be able to pre-purchase their
online music without the need to use parents' credit cards."

The new service is expected to be up and running by the end of the year. For further information visit DestraMusic.com (previously known as WiredRecords.com).

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