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Monstrous V10 powered pick-up


November 19, 2003

Monstrous V10 powered pick-up

Monstrous V10 powered pick-up

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Thursday November 20, 2003

When the V-10 Viper powered Dodge Ram SRT-10 was announced in 2002 it was billed as the "boldest, baddest and fastest pick-up in the world" and that's still very much the case for the just released 2004 model.

The 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10 packs a brutish 500 horsepower and 525lb.-ft. of torque and can reach 95kmh in just over five seconds on its way to a top speed in excess of 230kmh.

The "Bigger is Better" Dodge philosophy also extends to a 508 watt sound system and the interior of the SRT-10 has been redesigned along with the aerodynamics.

The 505 cubic inch V-10 Viper engine boasts the the highest displacement in a factory pickup truck. The 8.3-liter aluminium V-10 is the same unit that powers the 2003 Dodge Viper sportscar.

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