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Ultra-light 'Matrix' sunglasses


November 9, 2003

Ultra-light 'Matrix' sunglasses

Ultra-light 'Matrix' sunglasses

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Monday November 10, 2003

Silhouette has released its Minimal Art and Minimal X ranges to coincide with the global release of the final instalment in The Matrix film trilogy. Rimless and without hinges or screws, the ultra-light glasses aim to embody the slick Matrix style that has become the height of cool in the fashion world since the original 1999 film.

Members of The Matrix Revolutions cast Keanu Reeves, Hugo Weaving and Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Director, Joel Silver, were presented with ultra-lightweight Silhouette sunglasses at the Australian Premiere of the blockbuster film last week.

Two models in particular are aimed at Matrix fans. Both feature polycarbonate lenses for durability and full protection against UVA, B and C radiation, with the rectangular Model 8562 emulating the Neo (Keanu Reaves) look and Model 3172 - a mirror coated curved design - based on the Trinity character (Carrie-Ann Moss).

For further information, or for your nearest Silhouette stockist phone 02 9970 1800.

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