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New service gives SMS a buzz


November 1, 2003

Sunday November 2, 2003

Australian mobile payment solution provider B33hive has introduced a mobile phone SMS messaging service called 'BuzzWord' that allows phone users to access SMS bulletin board system using a keyword search. For example, a user could SMS the BuzzWord "RugbyAustralia" to the allocated number which would automatically trigger an SMS response containing the live score of the Wallabies.

"It works by storing your message on a database along with your BuzzWord. When we receive an SMS on 188 99 22 we compare the first word of the message with our list of BuzzWords. If it matches your BuzzWord then we send out an automatic text message response, that contains the information specific to that BuzzWord. We give you 5 cents every time we send a response," said Douglas Carlson Managing Director, B33Hive.

"The strength of BuzzWords is that it allows anyone with a mobile phone to set up a BuzzWord and publish their content quickly and easily, and earn revenue from their content," said Douglas Carlson,

'BuzzBoards'is the first product to be released with plans for future services including BuzzVote and BuzzPic, which will allow pictures to be sent to Multimedia Messaging (MMS) phones.

BuzzWord is available exclusively on ninemsn (ninemsn.com) for three months. The service will be charged via customer phone bills. It costs $0.25 to send and $0.30 to receive the message. The owner of the BuzzWord will receive $0.05 from the total call.

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