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Honda's next-generation Fuel Cell


October 15, 2003

Honda's next-generation Fuel Cell

Honda's next-generation Fuel Cell

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Thursday October 16, 2003

Honda's latest example of rapidly advancing fuel cell technology employs a newly developed stack structure to deliver high performance, increased range and power generation at temperatures ranging from -20'C to +95'C.

A Honda FCX fuel cell car equipped with the FC Stack will take part in the 80th Tokyo-Hakone Ekiden relay race in January 2004 as part of the company's broader campaign of public testing and promotion of fuel cell vehicles.

The next-generation fuel cell stack was developed with mass production and recycling and is the first to feature a simplified panel-type structure that reduces the number of components by almost 50 per cent and more than doubles the output density relative to a conventional fuel cell stack.

The driving range of the FCX with a Honda FC Stack also has increased by 40 km - from 355 km to 395 km.

The FC Stack-equipped FCX four-seater has a top speed of 150 kmh, producing 80kW and a maximum torque of 272Nm.

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