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Slimline pocket drive holds up to 60GB


October 13, 2003

Slimline pocket drive holds up to 60GB

Slimline pocket drive holds up to 60GB

Tuesday October 14, 2003

"Size" - in terms of both data capacity and physical dimensions - is the operative word when it comes to what is now an indispensable tool for most regular computer users: the portable external hard-drive. The Gold Pockey USB 2.0 demonstrates just how far the available technology has advanced on both counts, offering up to 60GB of data storage in a robust, 125 x 70 x 10mm casing that's plug and play compatible with PC or Mac systems.

We rely heavily on the versatility of portable drives for data transfer and back-up at Gizmo, and anyone who carries large work files home on a regular basis can relate to the convenience of having gigabytes of space at your disposal - plenty of room ensure that all the files you might need are on-board and ample capacity for transporting serious multimedia files or huge numbers of high res pics.

The Gold Pockey is "Plug and play" compatible with Windows and Mac OS 8.6 or better and works with USB 1.0 equipped devices if you don't have USB 2.0 (though of course at reduced transfer speeds, which is important to consider when you're dealing with such huge data capacity).

On the Mac it's one of the few portable HDD devices we've tested that shuts down properly when the icon is moved to the recycle bin on the desktop.

As well as being small enough to fit comfortably in a shirt pocket, the Gold Pockey has a robust aluminium casing and is well designed without any protrusions that could become casualties in transit.

There's also has an on-off switch on the device itself so it can be turned off without needing to physically disconnect it from the computer.

The Gold Pockey is available in 20GB, 30GB and 60GB versions in addition to the 40GB model we evaluated and comes in gunmetal blue and silver and gold finishes.

The Flotec Pockey USB 2.0 hard drive is currently available from www.bytezone.com.au. The 40GB version costs AUD$395, the 60GB version costs AUD$550, the 30GB version costs AUD$350 the 20GB version is AUD$299.

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