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Casio Phone Camera captures 2 megapixels


October 11, 2003

Casio Phone Camera captures 2 megapixels

Casio Phone Camera captures 2 megapixels

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Sunday October 12, 2003

Another significant product release to emerge from CEATEC Japan 2003 is Casio's 2-megapixel Camera Phone - the Casio A5403CA. The camera has the most sophisticated specs of any such device Gizmo has encountered to date, including a 2,000,000 pixel 1/2.7 inch progressive CCD, auto-focus, digital zoom and movie recording at 15fps.

A built-in memory of 12.8MB can be boosted by the addition of a 16MB miniSD memory card and a USB docking station enables transfer of the UXGA (1600x1200) images to a computer.

The Casio phone has been released in Japan where it will be carried by service provider KDDI.

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