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Versatile in-car communications suite


October 14, 2003

Versatile in-car communications suite

Versatile in-car communications suite

Wednesday October 15, 2003

The in-car Multimedia Centre MC 5400 from VDO Dayton unites navigation, mobile-office, Internet and entertainment functionality in one module that gives road-warriors the option of listening to MP3 tracks as well as downloading e-mails or sending faxes.

Up to three monitors can be connected to the MC 5400 unit - each of which can carry a different image - and the audio set up gives passengers easy access to headphones when the driver wants some peace and quiet.

The system is built around a LINUX based micro PC that has a fully functional Web browser and simultaneously controls navigation, information, communications and entertainment.

Depending on the telephone system and service provider used, the system can reach speeds about the same as ISDN according to VDO Dayton.

Data is entered by default using a typewriter keyboard application on the screen or a conventional keyboard and mouse can be connected to the rear seat connector box as an optional extra.

An integrated MP3 player and a range of computer games are also included.

The MC 5400 system is currently available in Australia. Pricing starts at AUD$1,999 for the base unit of the MC 5400 and the full system with every conceivable add-on costs approximately $14,000 including installation.

For further information contact Mark Schembri of Siemens VDO on (03) 9450 317 for details on local installers.

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