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HP introduces powerful new Financial Calculator


October 6, 2003

HP introduces powerful new Financial Calculator

HP introduces powerful new Financial Calculator

Tuesday October 7, 2003

With 250 built-in functions including the ability to track more than 1,000 cash flows, calculate four types of depreciation or handle complex equations provided by the user, the 17bII+ is the most powerful financial calculator in HP's current line-up.

The AUD$249 hp 17bII+ is designed for use by business professionals, MBA candidates and serious number crunchers in fields such as real estate and investment.

Input onto the two-line, 22-character LCD screen is via a menu-driven interface that enables users to switch between traditional algebraic input and Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) - a method developed by HP that reduces the number of keystrokes required.

User entered equations can include the use of complete words for variables and advice on how to perform and solve "what-if" analyses on hundreds of business calculations is provided in the 310-page manual.

The hp 17bII+ costs AUD$249(including GST). Follow the links below for further details.

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