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Nokia create new line of wearable products


October 3, 2003

Nokia create new line of wearable products

Nokia create new line of wearable products

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Saturday October 4, 2003

Nokia have created a new product group with the announcement of an "Imagewear" line - wearable devices designed for carrying and displaying digital images - to be released in early 2004. The first products to be unveiled are the Nokia Medallion I & II and the Nokia Kaleidoscope I, all of which can be worn around the neck (or alternatively on the wrist in the case of the Medallion II) and feature infrared transfer of images from computer or mobile phone.

The Nokia Medallion I stores up to eight still images within a steel frame and a backlit timepiece is revealed at the touch of a button. Its sibling, the Medallion II, provides the same functionality in a more industrial design.

The smallest of the new wearables, the Nokia Kaleidoscope I, can also be loaded with images via infrared and is expandable via a memory card slot.

Nokia expect these products to be available in Europe, US and selected markets in Asia Pacific with shipments planned to begin during the first quarter of 2004.

Stay tuned to for further pricing and availability details.

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