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911 First Response knife aids in auto emergencies


September 30, 2003

Wednesday October 1, 2003One hundred and fifty year-old handgun maker Smith & Wesson has released a "911 First Response Knife" designed to replace three-separate tools - a knife, window punch and seatbelt cutter - in situations where accident victims must be extricated from their vehicles. The emergency tool for auto owners, law enforcement and rescue personnel alike has been credited for saving the lives of accident victims across the US where it is being tested by law enforcement and fire safety personnel.The Knife has a piston mechanism that allows the user to safely break and force away an automobile window in the event the electrical system fails. The knife also has a serrated blade that can be used to cut through seatbelts should the seatbelt system malfunction or entangle a passenger in an accident.Sgt. Earl Henley, a Shift Rescue Field Training Officer located in Tennessee, has used the 911 First Response Knife to save the lives of more than six accident victims since July 2002 according to Smith and Wesson.The 911 First ResponseKnife retails in the United States for US$62.95.

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