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Dual Time travel watch


September 29, 2003

Dual Time travel watch

Dual Time travel watch

Tuesday September 30, 2003

Knowing what the time is in two different parts of the globe is often an essential requirement of business travel, and although there are plenty of devices that will fulfil this need at the push of a button, the Orion Dual Time watch does its simply and with style.

The creation from Marc Berthier has two clocks on the one watch so that checking the time "back home" can be achieved with a quick glance.

The Orion Dual Time utilises a Japanese Miyota movement and is accurate and water resistant to 3 atmospheres.

Available with aluminium or black face and including a brushed aluminium case, the Orion Dual Time costs $AUD135.

To more information, phone King Enterprises on 02 9698 1233, email sales@kingenterprises.com.au or visit www.kingenterprises.com.au.

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