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Citro'n Panoramique C3


August 10, 2003

Citro'n Panoramique C3

Citro'n Panoramique C3

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Monday August 11, 2003

Citro'n have released a new version of the C3 - the 'Panoramique' incorporates a twin panel glass sun-roof that promises to deliver the pleasures of open air motoring to both front and back seat occupants. The Panoramique's glass sun-roof runs almost from the top edge of the windscreen to the rear hatch.

Divided into two sections, the front half of the sun-roof is electrically powered and offers the choice of tilt opening or six different open settings. Preset controls enhance safety as they are less likely to distract the driver - the roof moves directly to the desired setting automatically.

A flexible air dam pops when the roof opens to eliminate drafts and the booming effect that can afflict some designs.

The C3's rounded roof provides plenty of headroom and the sunroof sits completely flush with the roof so as not to spoil the lines of
The C3.

Both sections of the roof are also fitted with sun blinds.

The Citro'n C3 'Panoramique' is available in two versions, both which share the same equipment levels as the C3 Exclusive.

The Citro'n C3 'Panoramique' with a manual gearbox sells for AUD$22,990 and the Citro'n C3 'Panoramique' automatic is AUD$24,990.

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