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Siemens release new M55


July 27, 2003

Siemens release new M55

Siemens release new M55

Monday July 28, 2003

Siemens new M55 GPRS/Tri Band phone incorporates a rubberised sports-skin, digital voice recording, LED call indicators on the side panels for indiscreet use in darkness and pre-installed extreme sports games including Cliff Diving and Skateboarding.

Like the Siemens S55 (but without built-in Bluetooth), the M55 is compatible with the QuickPic Camera, which comes with an integrated flash.

While the robust exo-skeleton and rubberised skin provide durability, the key attraction of the M55 is the gaming and multimedia applications. These include an integrated Mobile Synthesiser for mixing ringtones and composing MMS soundtracks and full-colour Java gaming.

The four LED side-panels can be programmed to flash different rhythms and patterns for particular callers.

Other notable features of the new M55 include GPRS Class 8 data transfer, Tri Band (GSM 900/1800/1900) support, 250 hours of standby time and 300 minutes of talk time and an in-built loudspeaker for hands-free use.

The Siemens M55 retails for AUD$499. The QuickPic (IQP-500) Camera with integrated flash is sold separately and costs AUD$175.

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